Substantial Discount on Properties in Mumbai of your own choice!  

The reasons to prefer Homebulkdeal:

When an individual thinks of purchasing a flat he has to face various types of problems. The difficulties which are normally noticed can be summarized as follows:

1) Because of the lack of knowledge many times wrong projects are selected by an individual which leads to severe problems in future. It might be regarding construction quality, price, paperwork, permissions required, society matters etc.

2) Price of his dream home is fixed by builder & he has to accept the same unwillingly.

3) He can't even negotiate in a way he wants. It hardly makes any impact on the person from whom he is expecting some discount.

4) Actual process of purchasing turns out to be very complicated. Sometimes it might be because of mere hesitation. Is it going to be right? Or Is my decision right ? Such types of questions keep on disturbing him.

5) The most important and crucial thing in giving reality to his dream is 'Loan from a Bank!'. This part is the most difficult part and the patience of consumer is been tested after frequent visits to bank for finance.

Homebulkdeal is well prepared to overcome all these problems in & out. All your worry part is going to be vanished as soon as you come into the contact of HBD. It is as simple as that & an existing truth.

Moreover in this bulk deal not only the buyer is benefitted but the developer also is satisfied for getting risk free & time saving deals. Uncertainty has nothing to do with the developer. He also becomes the happy participant of this bulk deal.


1) Right choice of the project:

Joining Homebulkdeal helps buyer choose the right project for the purchase of his Dream Home.

Because Homebulkdeal makes proper survey of the projects going on by the team of experts & after thorough scrutiny of the concerned things like permissions, paperwork the project is finalized for their customers to purchase.

2) Power to negotiate:

We form the groups of people based on the common requirements such as location, budget, amenities etc. & then with this potential power of buyers we negotiate with the developer.

3) Cost effective deal:

BULK BUYING concepts harnesses the power of negotiation which is turn helps the buyer to avail a discount upto 20%.

It means for the home costing Rs. 20 lacs the buyer saves up to Rs. 4 lacs directly.

4) Simplified purchase process:

When a buyer individually goes for the purchase he faces lot many problems right through the process on every aspect. With going into process with HBD their remains nothing to worry about. Buyer hasn't to clutter his mind at any point during the process of purchase. He is given a broad & clear view of this process.

5) Financial Services:

HBD has a tie up with reputed financial institutions to readily make the loan available for the buyer.

All these beneficial things conclude to one thing that the purchase of your Home is an easy & pleasant journey of fulfilling the Dream of your own Home with HBD!


1) Risk factors are minimized considerably as the developer gets the group booking saving his time & overheads which otherwise may disturb him as far as his huge investment is concerned.

2) Obviously his sale increases tremendously because of getting number of customers spontaneously.

3) His reputation & goodwill is built as his services are considered to be customer oriented.

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