Substantial Discount on Properties in Mumbai of your own choice!  


‘Home Bulk Deal’ is team of savvy management professionals in Realty Business with the sole objective of turning the dream of your home into the reality! That too; at discounted market price.

We at HBD, plan for best deals for the home seekers.

After going through the real estate market thoroughly we came to believe that there is way to make people happy & make their dream home a reality. As we went on thinking of the plans keenly, surprisingly the difficult task of having our own home turned out to be achievement. It seemed to be within the reach of majority of the home seekers.

In our life we always hear from elders that the work done in a team is always found easy rather than to get exhausted alone. This simple but miraculous principle is applied by Home Bulk deal!

Our Goal:

Why to spend extra money in vain if there is a perfect solution to own our Dream Home in a very affordable price? Only because of the lack of proper guidance? When developer is not intended to charge huge prices for his homes if he gets an opportunity to run his business doing quick & fair deals, then why are we paying huge prices?

When we thoroughly studied the things the answer we found was very amazing! We are paying this amount only because we are scattered. If we come together with common goal the tasks seeming beyond our limits will surprisingly turn to be easily achievable.

Building Profitable Relations:

People with common preferences & needs are brought together under one roof by HBD. This togetherness proves to be their strength in achievement of the goal of owning their Dream Home in economic & easy way. ‘After every sale, the most important thing which matters is service!’ HBD believes in this principle & right from your registration with HBD you are efficiently & satisfactorily guided to your own home.


HBD has a tie up with recognized developers who also believe in going hand in hand is of sheer satisfaction. After registering with HBD you don’t remain alone but become the proud member of HBD family where the goal of every member is same…To have our own home!

Working procedure of HBD is the best ever example of simplification. When anything is simplified it requires very less efforts to get solved. This unique truth is beautifully applied by HBD in the process of home buying.

Like you, there are lot many people who are willing for their dream home. Individually you don’t know each other; but by registering in HBD you develop your own team of buyers. In short we bring you all under one roof.

Further we classify this group according to common preferences e.g. Location, budget, type of home etc. Then with these formed groups we approach the developers whose project fit in all criteria as per expert’s opinion. Developers having the schemes which perfectly match with your requirements are Shortlist.

This group of suppose 40 people when the developer sees, as his confirmed client, without any hesitation he becomes ready to offer handsome discount to us. Here you will observe one thing that WE are the ones who ask for the particular discount to him taking into consideration his saving of time, getting rid of uncertainties, becoming free from overheads such as marketing, bank interest etc.

Obviously we get a very good discount. In other words we are helping developers to make huge savings in marketing and interest costs, and then developer passes the saving to us in form of huge discount.

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